When you feel good in your body, you see the good in your life

At blissedOUT, we are changing the face of traditional “body work therapy”!   Instead of focusing on what is NOT working, our goal is to provide empowerment, support and connection both to the Divine source and your own inner well.  We believe that by focusing on the positive, the goodness overflows to support your perfect balance.

By simply walking into our space you are supported by many elements assisting your journey including Richway Amethyst biomat, EMF blockers, crystal grids, clean and clear energetic space.  Although it is superbly important to be able to drop into a place of rest and relaxation during your time with us, we also believe that you are initiating momentum in your own matrix to continue the healing on your own.  By sharing our own life’s daily practices and over 10 years of offering the healing arts to others, we support these three phases of healing:  1) Awareness, 2) Clearing old patterns/beliefs and Integrating upgraded patterns and 3) Integration and rest.

Each of our services is not only beneficial to your physical body, but also uniquely elevates and heals your energy body.  We provide Kriya Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Colorpuncture & Soul Crystal Therapy, Biomat Sessions, Holistic Fitness Movement, and Private Yoga Sessions to clients in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. With these services, we help you create a shift in your lifestyle, guiding you in ways to create greater body and energy awareness.

Let us guide you to a new place of BLISS in your life.

Much love Kai and Yvonne


Focus on the overflowing good in your life!

Get blissedOUT.