Momentum Program

Have you ever pictured what your life might look and feel like if you actually had the healthy routine that you’ve been dreaming of for years? You know – the one in which you wake up, do some yoga, meditate and then juice? You’ve read the articles about the benefits of meditation and yoga and juicing and “all that jazz,” but how do you fit all of that into your current life? And how do you stay accountable? And where do you even start?
Basically, you get a personal trainer, just like you would at a gym when you decide you want to get fit and take that effort seriously.

The Momentum Program is your personal trainer for creating the balanced, spiritual, powerful, pleasurable, healing and healthy lifestyle you’ve been meaning to create for yourself. In the program, I’ll help you establish a clear goal, address your areas of pain and create a routine that works for you.

Momentum is a four-week program in which you’ll receive personalized instruction and techniques to help you build toward your personal goals for your body, your spirit and your life.

The key components of the program include personalized sessions in:
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • breathing
  • yantras & visualizations
  • massage & bodywork
In addition, each session comes with:
  • a meal
  • a fresh-pressed juice
  • bath salts & aromatherapy bombs specifically infused with the energy that supports the new direction you are taking
  • a CD of binaural beats that help train the mind when used in conjunction with the meditation practices you will learn
Sessions range from 90 minutes to 2 hours. In the first session I will collect data from you about your lifestyle – the one you have and the one you’d like to create. I’ll learn about your preferred learning / communication style, your current practices, your goals, the pace of your life and any other significant details relevant to creating a meditation, yoga and bodywork program that help you achieve your goals

Schedule your Momentum program by emailing Kai or calling her at 912.713.3879.